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Woche 12/14 + California Trip

So diese Woche mal wieder auf deutsch WOche 12 war erlebnisreich! Meine Abschlusspräsi lief zum Glück super gut! War danach richtig platt am Freitag und foh, dass wir zum Mittagessen zu meinem lieblings Pizza-Laden gefahren sind. Abends waren wir dann noch Essen (Grazyna und ihr Mann waren auch dabei) Der Abschied ist mir unerwartet sehr schwer gefallen und so ganz realisier t habe ich es immer noch nicht ganz. Samstag hieß es dann schon um 6 aufstehen und ab zum Flughafen! Frazyna hat mich zum Glück gefahren In Los angeles hat alles mit dem Mietwagen geklappt. Danach waren es bis heute einfach unglaubliche Tage! ich kann es gar nicht beschreiben. Der Pacific Coast highway von LA nach San Francisco über Malibu und Santa Barbara ist wunderschön. EIne Landschaft die man sich nicht vorstellen kann! Jetzt gerade sitze ich in San Francsico im Hotel. Ich muss euch daheim undbedingt allen die Bilder zeigen. Dies wird nämlich vermutlich heute mein letzter Blog EIntrag, da Tobi übermorgen endlich kommt und ich dann keine Zeit am PC vernringen möchte Fühlt euch gedrückt! Bald bin ich zurück!

week 11/14

Hello guys, look at the title.. week 11/14!! That means just 1 week KNA and 2 weeks holiday left until I will make my way home to you! Week 11/14 was not that impressive. Grazyna and I enoyed on Monday our last "real day" together because her husband came to visit her. This week there was the national sales meeting at Kärcher. So every sales rep. etc. came to Denver and they had a 3 days meeting. We also attended some of the presentations to see what is going on in sales, what will be the new product strategy. We really enjoyed the evening events. Monday there was a dinner in a big museum of the airforce/planes. That was pretty impressive and the food was amazing (you see I am full amaricanized) Wednesday was the 2nd evening event which was at a cellar bar where they had 2 real good piano artists who played all well known songs. There was also a foto box with costumes where you were able to take funny pictures. I think I had 4 times the pleasure to take pictures as a reminder. Because I was driving I nearly had no alcohol but as you know sales reps tend to drink some beer so at 08:30 p.m. when the event ended we had really a good atmosphere..with some people dancing, singing (really nice.. not bad drunken sales reps). SO it was an awesome evening. Unfortunately I have a lot of things to get done until next week (I have my final presentation very soon) and I had not that much sleep because of a bug in my bed and I don't why but I slept very bad so I am very exhausted this week and my mind is full of things i should and could do. Today I drive Grazyna and her husband to the airport at 10 p.m. because they are heading to Florida. So this weekend and next week It is just me myself and I. But I think the time will fly fast And then next saturday I have to say: ByeBye Colorado-->> Hello california!!! I am really looking forward to see the ocean and the beach! and of course to see Tobi so soon! SO now I will create a nice dinner with salami, dried tomatoes, dates with bacon before I drive G&O to the airport. You will hear news and see my new pictures soon!

week 10/14

Hey everybody! Week 10 was amazing! On thursday we had our good bye party.. it was held at the tavern in the denver tech center south. Hannes (CEO) also said some words to thank us and we got some goodbye presents. One was the t-shirt of the colorado university boulder (CU) and the other one was a dictionary for american idioms... because we learned a lot of them here. It was a great good bye and we also prepared a little speech to thank everybody and to say good bye. I really felt sad this day because I will definitely miss some of my colleagues and stuff like our fitness center or Lower Downtown... But I think i am also ready now to fly home because I know there are some people waiting for me and also I am really looking forward to my work there. Friday was crazy. We went out for tapas and ended in 3 clubs and were at home at 4:30 a.m. but it was a real great and long party night! I can't belive that we really had such a great party night at our last weekend together (Grazyna leaves next friday to florida with her husband). We always tried before to go to clubs but we were too tired or not motivated.. SO this was our private perfect good bye Saturday wasn't calmer. Jim Lombard (Grazynas supervisor in Denver) invited us for a Colorado university football game and for tailgating. Tailgating is much fun! At university football games it was a long time not allowed to drink alcohol in the stadium. So people met at the parking lots before the game to tailgate.. that means they open their trunk for having a pre party and grill. Jims daughter is a student at the CU so the whole family had a CU tent, CU shirts and so on. We had a great barbecue (Jim grilled burgers and hot dogs) and prepared for the game. In total we were like 10 persons (colleagues and friends of jim) tailgating and then heading to the game at the stadium. The show around the game was really impressive. There was a pretty good marching band which entertained all the fans and the cheerleaders were like the typical american stereotype. Also " Ralphie" a real buffallo (the sign of the CU buffs which is the football team) ran around in the stadium...The game itself wasn't that good because it is hard to understand the rules because it is very strategic and there are so many rules.. but when you know the rules then it begins to be a fun sport! It was amazing that for just a university football game around 70.000 people came to see the university team! I also loved the CU campus which I already mentioned in my first blog posts at the beginning of my stay. I really felt like I wanted to study again! Today was a much more calmer day. We picked up some sales reps from the airport because next week there is the national sales meeting in denver where all our sales reps come together to have some trainings, workshops and presentations. We are also invited tomorrow and will attend the dinner after the meeting.. I am excited. So for me there are just 2 weeks left of working and i am busy now organizing everything for my holidays afterwards and to arrange everything here and to get the stuff for my final presentation which is at my last day of work (26th of September) So I wish you a great week and you hear my news soon!

Pictures week 9 & 10/14