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Week 8/14 and 9/14

Hi my beloved friends and family, today is my first day without any plans for the evening! So where shall I start? Nearly two weeks ago we started our 3000 km Roadtrip. Starting on friday we reached Richfield in Utah as our first stop. We were so happy because we booked a clean motel.. I never thought that i am able to feel that happy because of a normal motel but when you live here in our extended stay for a couple of weeks.. you really appreciate a clean bed and bathroom On Saturday we made all our way from Utah to Arizona and to Nevade to visit.....LAS VEGAS!!! It was amazing and so hot.. we had more than 40 degree celsius! Our Hotel was great and we got a room update so we had the princess suite with an own living and sleeping room..and also a Jacuzzi! We walked down the Vegas Strip and visited the craziest Hotels, Casinos and places I have ever seen. For the evening we dressed up and went tp a real good steak house "the stack" at the Mirage hotel. After that we saw the blue man group and then went out for gambling and bar hopping. It was a great exerience and I was glad to experience Vegas! On Saturday we want back to Arizona and...visited the Grand Canyon. That was the most impressive part of nature I have ever seen. YOu can not imagine how big the GC is and how impressive it is just to stand there on the top and look over the whole GC. We stayed the night in Flagstaff Arizona and drove on Monday via Santa Fe (New Mexico) back to Denver. We had a great roadtrip and a lot of fun. It is crazy because we drove for 3 hours.. you can look 200 km left..nothing.. 200 km right..nothing... and 4 hours later nothing changed.. maybe a little bit more mountains or more desert but..still nothing.. The US are so big.. and the landscape is incredible!! The week after the Roadtrip was very busy at work but all went well. We also went shooting with Todd (HR colleague) and tried real hand guns. I had a lot of respect of the guns but at the end we had much fun with shooting our Zombie targets! Last weekend we nearly did nothing. On Friday we cooked a nice meal and on Saturday and Sunday we spent our time in Denver Downtown. Yesterday we went to Ambli (restaurant) with some colleagues. The restaurant is owned by the sister of Zee (colleague) and we had there an indian menu with matching wines! Great! It was a fun night! on Thursday is our goodbye party because grazyna is leaving at the end of next week and for me are also just 2,5 weeks left at KNA. I also booked my trip to the westcoast until Tobi comes! I fly to LA and rented a car to drive to San francisco in 4 days It will be an exciting trip on my own and I really look forward to travelling at the West coast. I hope you are doing well and all don't wory because I haven't blogged for such a long time. Hear you soon!!

I survived Vegas:)

Hi Guys, Please apologize my latest abscence of Blog Posts but The Last two weeks were very busy So I had no Time to Blog! I will give you a Detailed post this week about Las Vegas and my Last week Las Vegas was Awesome(!!!) and now Time runs so fast.. I just have 3 Weeks left at Kärcher..and 5 weeks in total! But The Best News.. Tobi Comes in 3,5 weeks!! I can't wait) And i also Booked 5 days los Angeles and San Francisco Before Tobi comes.. So i have a Lot of reasons to Look forward to The next weeks! You'll Hear from me this week Your Viola Btw: today i really really started to miss home! The Last weeks i was more like to love it here But now i really Look forward to be back in Heumaden and To visit you guys in Karlsruhe!

Las Vegas!!

Hey everybodY, Just wanted to say that we will Start Our "26hrs to Drive in 4 days" roadtrip to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon tomorrow. So you will hear my Stories on tuesday.. Monday is free because of Labour Day. We have 2 bottles of sparkling wine (for pre Party in The Las Vegas Hotel) With us and Great 90s musik(Britney, nsync, Backstreet Boys, Spice girls) So this should help to Make it a Girls Trip to Las Vegas! Bye Bye

week 7/14 - it's hump week!

my family and friends, this week was my hump week. That means that half of my stay here is over. I also realized that I just have 5 more weeks to work and until my assigment is over..(the last two weeks are free for travelling!) Time here runs so fast! I will really miss Denver, the landscape and the sunshine. But I also look forward to see all of you when I am back! So what happened during week 7? Monday-Wednesday the week just passed by..On Thursday we were at the Historian Ale House to attend the Internations Event. Internations is a community for international people and expatriats.. so they are all there to make new friends. It was a funny event.. some interesting people but also some really strange people. The picture ( I was wearing a blue blouse and look very crazy) is a small reminder of this meeting. Friday night was our ladies night. We started at the MAC cosmetic shop and they put us party make-up on. see picture. It was a great experience and i lost a lot of money... O.O After our intense make-up session we had plans to go to the fogo de chao steak house but a virus is still with Grazyna so we cancelled the dinner. Today we got up early ( sun just shines in the morning)and drove 1 hour to the garden of Gods which is a park with a lot of awesome red rocks. See pictures. We hiked/climbed a little bit and had a wonderful view! The landscape here is so incredible! After The garden of Gods we went to colorado springs which is mentioned in every tourist guide.. but it was a dissapointment.. it seems to have changed over the last few years because there were just strange people and old nothing to do... We decided to drive back to Denver and to visit the source..(see picture below) which you can compare with stuttgart`s "markthalle". They had some good shops there.. excited For tomorrow we don't have any plans yet but I am sure we will do something great Bye Bye everybody