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week 6/14 - Kärcher colleague week

Dear family and my beloved friends, i haven't wrote for such a longe time. Sorry for that. But the good thing: I have a lot of news to tell. This week was colleague week! on wednesday I had a really funny lunch at Huhot. This is a mongolian grill which has from my point of view a very intresting concept: You have a bowl and a big variety of several things. There is a meat corner, seafood corner, vegetables corner, noodles and rice corner and sauce corner. You can fill your bowl with whatever you like and you can chose the combination. Then they cook what's in your bowl right in front of you on a big grill. WHat is so special is that they cook up to 10 meals on one grill and then they perform something like a special grill move where they shout the name of the restaurant and play with knifes . We were about 10 colleagues at Huhot. They figured out that I write a blog so they asked me funny questions to be in my list "funny questions" from last week. But they weren't funny enough... sorry guys! But who really is worth to be mentioned in my Blog is ryan. He was the guy sitting next to me for that lunch. He took a very hot sauce so that he was sweating like i've never seen before on somebody. We all were a little bit scared because his face changed every second from white to incredible red but he was brave and ate the whole bowl! Awesome achievement Ryan (If you read this) Wednesday evening we went out with Zee (colleague from karcher) and her friend together to ambli. Ambli is owned by zee's sister and it is famous for good wines and good quality tapas. After 1-2 hrs at ambli we went to the grand hyatt and had cupcakes and tea --> perfect Thursday we went to the jing restaurant (asian) with mike (colleague from finance) and his wife cookie. IT was also a great evening and the four of us had much fun! So you see a real colleague week but thats not all! On saturday we had the yearly karcher north america grill and chill. It was in the clement park in littleton. ABout 300 Karcher employees with their family and friends were at the so called "grill and chill". We all had to wear yellow karcher shirts. It was great to see all of our colleagues with their family. We had great weather ad enjoyed the day a lot! Food and drinks were free for everybody. Furthermore we learned how to play lacrosse (Mike from Thursda teached us) and we had two great games of beach volleyball. Grazyna and I motivated the others after the grill and chill to play one last round of beach volleyball and as the team was formated we realized that the two of us were left with the executive team of Karcher on the field. So as you can imagine..almost old men were trying to win But it was a great game! (The yellow team won :P) After that game we aso went with the executives and their families to a biker bar and had a great evening with a lot of good conversations. Today we stood up late and went to a breakfast restaurant and had real american brakfast with omlette, bagel, granola and pankaces. (see picture) AFter the incredible breakfast we visited the chery creek state park and spent some time at the beach there. AFter that we buyed food and now I am back in my room. WHat i really need to mention: Now I am starting to love the life here. It feels more home than the last weeks and I think it will be hard for me to come back because I will miss the mountains, the sun ( we have nearly everyday 25-33 C and sun), the good restaurants and the friendly people. Take care everybody and hope to hear from all of you soon!! P.S. see pictures below Viola

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