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week 7/14 - it's hump week!

my family and friends, this week was my hump week. That means that half of my stay here is over. I also realized that I just have 5 more weeks to work and until my assigment is over..(the last two weeks are free for travelling!) Time here runs so fast! I will really miss Denver, the landscape and the sunshine. But I also look forward to see all of you when I am back! So what happened during week 7? Monday-Wednesday the week just passed by..On Thursday we were at the Historian Ale House to attend the Internations Event. Internations is a community for international people and expatriats.. so they are all there to make new friends. It was a funny event.. some interesting people but also some really strange people. The picture ( I was wearing a blue blouse and look very crazy) is a small reminder of this meeting. Friday night was our ladies night. We started at the MAC cosmetic shop and they put us party make-up on. see picture. It was a great experience and i lost a lot of money... O.O After our intense make-up session we had plans to go to the fogo de chao steak house but a virus is still with Grazyna so we cancelled the dinner. Today we got up early ( sun just shines in the morning)and drove 1 hour to the garden of Gods which is a park with a lot of awesome red rocks. See pictures. We hiked/climbed a little bit and had a wonderful view! The landscape here is so incredible! After The garden of Gods we went to colorado springs which is mentioned in every tourist guide.. but it was a dissapointment.. it seems to have changed over the last few years because there were just strange people and old nothing to do... We decided to drive back to Denver and to visit the source..(see picture below) which you can compare with stuttgart`s "markthalle". They had some good shops there.. excited For tomorrow we don't have any plans yet but I am sure we will do something great Bye Bye everybody

24.8.14 01:42

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