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3 Monate Denver & Kärcher North America

I survived Vegas:)

Hi Guys, Please apologize my latest abscence of Blog Posts but The Last two weeks were very busy So I had no Time to Blog! I will give you a Detailed post this week about Las Vegas and my Last week Las Vegas was Awesome(!!!) and now Time runs so fast.. I just have 3 Weeks left at Kärcher..and 5 weeks in total! But The Best News.. Tobi Comes in 3,5 weeks!! I can't wait) And i also Booked 5 days los Angeles and San Francisco Before Tobi comes.. So i have a Lot of reasons to Look forward to The next weeks! You'll Hear from me this week Your Viola Btw: today i really really started to miss home! The Last weeks i was more like to love it here But now i really Look forward to be back in Heumaden and To visit you guys in Karlsruhe!

8.9.14 08:18

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