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week 11/14

Hello guys, look at the title.. week 11/14!! That means just 1 week KNA and 2 weeks holiday left until I will make my way home to you! Week 11/14 was not that impressive. Grazyna and I enoyed on Monday our last "real day" together because her husband came to visit her. This week there was the national sales meeting at Kärcher. So every sales rep. etc. came to Denver and they had a 3 days meeting. We also attended some of the presentations to see what is going on in sales, what will be the new product strategy. We really enjoyed the evening events. Monday there was a dinner in a big museum of the airforce/planes. That was pretty impressive and the food was amazing (you see I am full amaricanized) Wednesday was the 2nd evening event which was at a cellar bar where they had 2 real good piano artists who played all well known songs. There was also a foto box with costumes where you were able to take funny pictures. I think I had 4 times the pleasure to take pictures as a reminder. Because I was driving I nearly had no alcohol but as you know sales reps tend to drink some beer so at 08:30 p.m. when the event ended we had really a good atmosphere..with some people dancing, singing (really nice.. not bad drunken sales reps). SO it was an awesome evening. Unfortunately I have a lot of things to get done until next week (I have my final presentation very soon) and I had not that much sleep because of a bug in my bed and I don't why but I slept very bad so I am very exhausted this week and my mind is full of things i should and could do. Today I drive Grazyna and her husband to the airport at 10 p.m. because they are heading to Florida. So this weekend and next week It is just me myself and I. But I think the time will fly fast And then next saturday I have to say: ByeBye Colorado-->> Hello california!!! I am really looking forward to see the ocean and the beach! and of course to see Tobi so soon! SO now I will create a nice dinner with salami, dried tomatoes, dates with bacon before I drive G&O to the airport. You will hear news and see my new pictures soon!

20.9.14 03:58

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